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Body composition analysis is the clinical assessment of tissue and fluid compartments in the human body. In our offices we use the Biomarkers 2000 Body Scan Analyzer which provides a direct readout of the impedance of the human body. This will estimate the fat mass, lean body mass, body cell mass, extracellular mass, total body water and several other parameters.

FAT MASS - The amount of stored lipids (fats) in the body and consists of the following types of fat: biomarker2000.jpg

  • Subcutaneous Fat - Located directly under the skin. It serves as an energy reserve and insulation against outside cold.
  • Visceral Fat - Located deeper within the body. It serves as an energy reserve and as a cushion between organs.

FAT-FREE MASS - Also called Lean Body Mass is the amount of nonfat (lean) parts of the body. It consists of approximately 73% water, 20% protein, 6% mineral and 1% ash. It is divided into the following:

  • Body Cell Mass - Contains all the metabolically active tissues (living cells) of the body, including muscle cells, organ cells, blood cells and immune cells. It includes the "living" portion of the cells, but not the stored fat lipids. It also includes water inside living cells called Intracellular Water. The main electrolyte of Intracellular Water is potassium.
  • Extracellular Mass - Contains all the metabolically inactive (non-living) parts of the body, such as bone minerals and blood plasma. It includes water contained outside of the cell called Extracellular Water and its main electrolyte is sodium.

The bioimpedance analyzer will help us to determine your percentage of fat and fat-free mass, body cell mass, extracellular mass and total body water. There are many other calculations critical to understanding your health and it can actually gives us information.

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star I have been a patient of Dr. A on & off for a number of years -initially for back pain; however I quickly found his wisdom & knowledge far extends that of chiropractic services. No matter what ailes me, D. A's experience & expertise in wholistic care reaches the problem & corrects the issue - from muscular & skeletal complaints to combating a simple cold. I could not recommend a medical practitioner more highly.

Jennifer E.
New York, NY

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